October 28th, 2015

Vu Duc Tu

PhD researcher


I am studying PhD program in National Chung Cheng University, which is one of the best university in Taiwan. My school is not only featured with ancient architectures but also highlighted by the modern buildings. It consists of several Roman style buildings. Our school has all the facilities of a modern school, such as well furnished and airy class rooms, best laboratories, a big library with a huge collection of books, a vast play ground and even a swimming pool. One of the most impressive places in school cannot fail to mention is waterfall with colorful and vivid light in every night. Besides, it will be failed if you ignore the magnificent and romantic pool when you have occasion to visit our school.


Furthermore, I found that National Chung Cheng University (CCU) has very good facilities for research and study, such as internet network and online library. CCU also has good competitive studying environment as well as professional working style. Once you study further in CCU, you will have more chance to improve not only scientific research ability but also my English and Chinese capability. This will be the first-step for you to get acquaintance of developing education in Taiwan. After three years in Taiwan, I recognize that their country and my homeland (Vietnam) have many things in common. People, history, etc... are quite similar, however, Taiwan  is a rich country but Vietnam  is not. I chose Taiwan to study because I want to learn the way the Taiwan built their country as a rich and famous country. Moreover, I want to learn more about Taiwan language culture. By the way, thanks to CCU and office of international affairs for their support for me to be able to have the best conditions for my life and research in Taiwan. To the best of my knowledge and belief, I believe that CCU will be worthy university for you to study and research in the future.


I like my school very much and am proud to be a student of that school.