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【FWD】2020 Taiwan-India / Global Bamboo-Tech Forum Ⅲ

2020 Taiwan-India / Global Bamboo-Tech Forum Ⅲ

Sustainable Management and Technology Utilisation of Bamboo


Date: 2020/09/18 (Fri.)

Time: 17:00-20:00 CST (Taipei); 14:30-17:30 IST (India)


The objective of the 2020 Taiwan-India / Global Bamboo-Tech Forum on the topic Sustainable Management and Technology Utilisation is to establish the platform, with a view to guiding the research and development in new and emerging bamboo technology. Bamboo Technology, where the full potential of bamboo is realised in pursuance of cycle economics’ unique needs and aspirations. Cooperated with South Asia Bamboo Foundation, to show Plantation Development, Research & Development, handicraft Development, Technology development of bamboo and associated culture with an international point of view to achieve UN, Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).


World Bamboo Day is founded by Mr. Kamesh Salam, founder of the South Asia Bamboo Foundation. The theme Celebrating Bamboo “The Miracle Grass” in 2020 is consisted of a series of online demonstrations and performances for bamboo technology will be co-organized by two institutions. To bring the most advanced technology vision to the world and to establish a platform for International exchange for the bamboo industry.


USR Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation of National Chung Cheng University from Taiwan and South Asian Bamboo Foundation from India cooperate to keep Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation and reach the UN, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Guided and assisted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology from Taiwan in 2020.



For more information, visit https://www.ec.ccu.edu.tw/2020GBTF-3.

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