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Doctoral Program in Science, Technology,Environment and Mathematics


Vision and Objectives

STEM is based on the current industry trends and comprised of advanced courses in physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, biomedicine, and environmental sciences. This all-English taught program provides graduate students with systematic cross-disciplinary knowledge and training in material synthesis, physical characteristics measurement, design of bio-sensing electronic components, and bio-technological application. We aim to cultivate cross-disciplinary elites in academia and in industry, strengthen students’ international competitiveness, and lead the trends of cross-disciplinary learning.


To meet the urgent demand for cross-disciplinary personnel in high-tech industries, cross-disciplinary training is indispensable for cutting-edge scientific research and development institutions. In response to this, the STEM program is launched. As more and more interdisciplinary research happens, we expect the STEM program to serve as a new learning platform without traditional restraints to prepare our students in becoming a cross-disciplinary talent with international perspective.


Our future goal is to develop this credit program into a degree program so as to bolster cross-disciplinary research competitiveness. Also, we offer English-taught courses for overseas students in response to a boom in international academic exchange. With the support of the New South-Bound Policy, we gather professors from five departments to educate students at home and abroad. Through the STEM program, we look forward to training students for cross-disciplinary research and exerting CCU’s influence in international academia.


Contact Information

Tel:+886-5-2720411 ext. 61004