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From Taoyuan International Airport, one can choose from the following two public transportation systems: HSR - High Speed Rail (bullet train) or highway bus. If neither one is available - e.g. late arrival at midnight when neither HSR nor bus is in service - you can always take the taxi to CCU as the last resort, which would be much more expensive than either the HSR or the bus.


The complete route and cost of the two options are summarized as below:

  1. HSR (Recommended): about NTD$920
    For ticket information, please see http://www.thsrc.com.tw/en/?lc=en

  2. Highway bus: Cheaper but more time-consuming
    After arriving at the Taipei station, you can take Solarbus (日統客運) from Taipei to Chiayi. The Taipei-to-Chiayi bus runs every half an hour, and takes about 3.5 hours to arrive in Chiayi. From downtown Chiayi to CCU: https://www.ccu.edu.tw/bustable.php


Chiayi County Bus Timetable (implemented since September 2011)

  1. The mark (*) means the bus stops by Nanhua University。Please get off the bus (stopping by Nanhua U) at CCU campus front gate。

  2. Bus service on national holidays is the same as on weekends.

  3. Three on-campus bus stops can be found in front of Faculty Housing, College of Engineering and Students’ Activity Center.

  4. Please get to the bus stop 5 minutes before schedule.

  5. Weekends: Buses are in service during weekends and national holidays.

  6. Weekdays: Buses are in service from Mondays to Fridays.

  7. Timetable website

Contact number︰05-2788177



Traveling from Taipei to CCU by Solar Bus 日統客運

Price: 390元 (implemented in September 2011 ) Price and timetable are subject to change. Please check: https://www.solarbus.com.tw/

Contact number︰ 05-2720622


Taichung Bus (CCU to Taichung) Chiayi →National Freeway No.3→Taichung (via Cautun)

Bus route:
Chiayi Station-Baimen Station-Touciao Industry Park-Wu Feng University-Minghsiung-Chung Cheng University-Zhuqui Interchange (National Freeway No.3)-Cautun Interchange-Cautun- Provincial Highway No. 63 –Jen-Ai Hospital-Chung Hsing University-Taichung Station

Estimated time (departure):
30mins from Taichung to Cautun﹔25mins from Chiayi to Minhsiung﹔30mins from Chiayi to CCU
Passengers waiting for the bus, please get to the stop 10mins before schedule
For a more detailed timetable, please check

台中汽車客運 「台中-嘉義」時刻表點此

Taichung Bus Station (04)3608-0869
Chiayi Sation (049)2656-301
CCU Station (05)272-3991