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Our team group followed with government policies has taken "new agriculture development" and "circular economy" as our core concepts. We integrated various expertise of our school's staffs to establish the “New Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center” and look for more chance for cooperation between agribusiness, government, and CCU.



According to the agricultural demand from local government, agribusiness, farmer groups, and farmers, we will rearrange operation mode and core technology to achieve development of new agriculture system.


Working Items

  • We have integrated the expertise of teachers from the seven colleges of CCU and set up service teams in the new agricultural field.
  • We are promoting the industry-academia cooperation between local governments, local agribusiness, and CCU.
  • We will keep exploring the agricultural issues and provide the workable researching projects via resources integration.
  • Academic research and industry-academia cooperation is processed in parallel. To promote the interdisciplinary development between Humanities-Social Sciences and STEM in CCU.